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   Barium chloride Dihydrate
Barium chloride Dihydrate
Cas Number : 10326-27-9
Molecular Formula : BaCl2 . 2H2O
Molar Mass : 244.2324 g/mol
Barium Chloride Dihydrate :
MSDS   Barium chloride Dihydrate document
Description : Barium Chloride Dihydrate is a white crystalline powder. It contains two molecules of water. It is one of the most important water soluble salts of Barium
Applications :    
  1. Used in the manufacturing of Barium Titanate by the oxalate process in the production of special glass and in the manufacturing of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors.
  2. This grade of material is used in the manufacturing of Ceramic Capacitors, Temperature Sensor, Ceremic PTCR (Positive Temperature Coefficient resistance) and high-precision NTC thermistor.
  3. Also used in production of electronic clinical thermometer, overvoltage protection precision electronic apparatus, high/low frequency capacitance, SMD(surface mount device) pressure sensitive ceramics, processing MOS (metal oxide semiconductor)chip, semiconductor elements, mono/multilayer chip varistor, Suppressor, radiation & heat prevention product etc.

Specifications :
Content of Barium Chlroide as (BaCl2 . 2H2O)   : 99.5% min
Matter insoluble in water : 100 ppm max
Iron (as Fe) : 5 ppm max
Total Sulphur as S : 20 ppm max
Strontium as Sr : 50 ppm max
Sodium as Na : 50 ppm max
Calcium as Ca : 50 ppm  max
Magnesium as Mg : 10 ppm max
Lead and heavy metals : Not Traceable
Packing  :  25 Kgs / 50 Kgs / 1 M.T. bags with liner.

We are the largest manufacturers of this product in India with a combined capacity of over 15000 TPA.  We are currently supplying to quality conscious customers through out the world.

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