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Barium chloride Dihydrate
Cas Number : 710022-31-8
Molecular Formula : Ba(No3)2
Molar Mass : 261.336 g/mol
Barium Chloride Dihydrate :
MSDS   Barium chloride Dihydrate document
Description : Barium Nitrate exists as white powder at room temperature. It is water soluble salt.
Applications :    
  1. It is used by the pyrotechnic industry for the production of “green fire” and green signal flares
  2. It also has uses in the vacuum tube industry.
  3. Barium Nitrate is use to manufacture other barium compounds.

Specifications :
Barium Nitrate Content   : 99.0% min
Hygroscopicity : 0.3% min
Moisture at 105 + deg C : 0.85% max
Matter insoluble in water         a) Total : 0.5% max
  b) Organic
: 0.08% max
Grit retained on 125 micrometer in sieve : <0.04% max
pH water extract : 6 – 7
Chlorides as NaCl : 0.1% max
Chlorates : Nil
Nitrites as Sodium Nitrite : Nil
Sodium Comp. as Sodium Nitrate : 0.01 max
Ammonium Comp. as Amm. Nitrate : 0.03% max
Calcium Comp. as Calcium Nitrate : 0.03% max

Total impurities excluding Sodium Salt calculated as Sodium Nitrate.

: 0.39 max
Packing  :  25 Kgs / 50 Kgs / 1 M.T. bags with liner
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