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   Sodium Hydro Sulphide
Sodium Hydro Sulphide
Other Names : Sodium Bisulfide
Sodium Sulfhydrate
Sodium Hydrogen Sulphide
Cas Number : 16721-80-5
Molecular Formula : NaHS
Molar Mass : 56.06271 g/mol
Sodium Hydro Sulphide :
MSDS   Sodium Hydro Sulphide Document
Description : Pale Yellow liquid smells like H2S due to Hydrolysis by atmosphere applications.
Applications :    
  1. Used mainly in paper manufacture as a makeup chemical for sulfur
    used in the Kraft process
  2. Used as a flotation agent in copper mining
  3. Used in the leather industry for de-hairing of hides.
Specifications :
NaHS Content  : 31% + 1%
Na2S Content : < 1%
Iron as Fe : 0.2%
NaOH : Nil
Ammonia : Nil
Mercaptans : Nil
We are the largest manufactures of this product in India.  We are currently supplying NaHS in 30% and 45% solution forms to all major Dye Intermediate manufacturers.  We are erecting machinery for flaking NaSH and shall soon enter the international market with NaSH flakes.

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