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Cas Number : 1313-82-2
Molecular Formula : Na2S
Molar Mass : 56.06271 g/mol
Sodium Sulphide Yellow Flakes :
MSDS   Sodium Sulphide Yellow Flakes Document
Description : Yellow flakes. Soluble in water
Applications :    
  1. Used in tanneries for de-hairing hides and skins.
  2. Used in dye intermediates manufacturing.
  3. Used in pharmaceutical industries as a selective and cost-efficient reducing agent.
  4. Used to remove heavy metals from waste waters in many industries. in the craft wood-pulping process
  5. Used in synthetic cooking liquor
  6. Used in the manufacture of lubricating oils
Specifications :
Na2S Content : 50 - 52 % & 58 - 60%
Iron as Fe : < 20 ppm
Na2Co3 : Nil
Water insoluble : Nil
We are currently supplying this product to major tannery industries and dye manufacturers in India.
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